SB Kart Club Class Rules / Point Structure

SBR Kart Club Class Rules 2017


Red Plate

Age 5-10. Min. Weight 265lb.

Restrictor Plate .375 (Red)

AKRA B/S Rules; Pump gas only, weenie pipe w/muffler, and drum clutch. Drivers must be under 8 years of age or a first year driver (less than a full year competitive kart experience).

Top Three will receive Trophies


Purple Plate

Ages 10-14. (Age as of Jan.1st.) Min weight 290 lb.

Restrictor Plate .500 (Purple).

 AKRA B/S Rules; Pump gas only, weenie pipe w/muffler, and drum clutch.

Top Three will receive Trophies.


Blue Plate

Ages 12-15. (Age as of Jan. 1st.) Min. weight 290 lbs.

Restricted with a .550 plate (Blue).

AKRA B/S Rules; Pump gas only, weenie pipe w/muffler, and drum clutch.

Payout – 1st– 35.00, 2nd– 25.00, 3rd – 15.00


Pro Clone

Age 15 and up. (Age as of Jan. 1st.) Min weight 360lbs

Open pipe, open clutch weight, Clone Box Stock – 80% Pay Back


Starter Class- Hot Dog Class

This is intended as a beginner’s class for young drivers. No competitive racing allowed in this class.  Drivers will take to the track between competition class heat races.



Restrictor Plate: WKA approved 0.375 inch Red intake restrictor plate.

 Age 5 through 7 years old. (Age as of Jan.1st.)

 No min weight.

Mandatory Gear Ratio: 12/60

Engine: 6.5 HP off the shelve Princess Auto style with working governor.

No modifications except remove oil sensor.

Stock intake box maintained.

Must have remote engine shut-off switch within easy reach of driver.

Clutch: Drum clutch only with 12 tooth gear.

Exhaust: Weenie pipe w/muffler must be added and the gas tank moved to floor pan.

Chain Guard: A must have with Big Bertha style preferred.

Fuel: Pump Octane 87 to 93 Gasoline Only


Carb: Stock Carburetor

  1. All future karts will have an RPM test at tech for 3600 RPM.
  2. Each kart on the track must have 1 guardian in the infield.
  3. No more than 2 karts wide on the track, if a driver is going past 2 karts making it 3 wide or 4 wide they will get a warning or asked to exit the track until the next run.



  1. Kart and safety equipment must have passed safety inspection before taking to the track.  We reserve the right to disallow any kart from competition if officials determine it is not safe to race.
  2. Must abide by track safety rules, including safety equipment required.  All other published track rules and regulations will be enforced.
  3. No performance enhancing fuel or oil additives are allowed.
  4. Fire resistant, full racing suits are highly recommended.

General Racing Rules

SBR Kart Club

Racing Info >> Rules

  1. The flagman makes all calls and decisions. His word is final. If there is to be a discussion with the flagman, it is to be done at the end of the evening after all races have been completed.
  2. Scoring tower and flag tower are off limits during racing events unless you are a track official. If you have a question regarding a call, line up, etc. check with Pit Stewart.
  3. All drivers MUST attend the drivers meeting. If you DO NOT ATTEND, you WILL HAVE NO RIGHTS for an argument later.
  4. Drivers and crew members are responsible for checking the grid board for starting positions.
  5. No cursing or verbally abusing ANY track officials. If this occurs, you will be DQ’d for the day and asked to leave the premises.
  6. No disorderly conduct, fighting, getting off kart, arguing with other drivers or officials will be tolerated. If this occurs, you will be removed from the track, DQ’d, and asked to leave the premises.
  7. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED! If you are caught drinking and racing, you will be asked to leave the premises.
  8. No bumping and rough driving will be tolerated. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!
  9. Race Start / Restarts, all races start double file for the first complete lap with no caution. If a caution in the first uncomplicated lap the restart will still be double file. After one lap is complete, single file restart for the first 3 karts following double file for the rest of the field
  10. Heat 1 by draw, Heat 2 inverted, Feature combines Heat 1 & 2.
  11. No refunds on rain out, wrist band will be your rain check for next race schedule.
  12. A competitor must be entered in at least one class before going onto the track for practice, qualifying, or racing.
  13. All races started by the leader between the cones in turn 4, this includes restarts. If you jump the start or you go around the cones in order to advance you position, you will be warned one time and the next time you will be placed at the rear of the field.
  14. If during a race a driver spins out unassisted 3 times he/she will be BLACK FLAGGED and sent to the pits and must report to Pit Stewart.
  15. If a driver works on his/her kart (example: puts on chain) while on the track, he/she will be moved to the rear of the field. A race will not be held up for any driver. No one is allowed on the track to assist a driver with his/her kart.
  16. No working on karts under red flag condition.
  17. No driving on scales, stop and shut off your engines. Please remove yourself then push your kart onto scales.
  18. The top 3 karts must cross the scales after every race. More could be checked at random.
  19. All Safety Gear is required.
  20. Helmet – must have at least a Snell 2005 rating, must be in good condition, fit properly, and be fastened before entering the racing surface.
  21. Gloves mandatory all classes. (If caught on track without you will get BLACK FLAGGED)
  22. Racing Jacket- abrasion resistant material.
  23. Neck Brace or collar.
  24. Full foot covered shoes for all drivers.
  25. If driver’s hair extends beneath helmet, it is mandatory the driver wear head gear (head sock, etc.) or be sure hair is inside their jacket.
  26. Non-structural weights added to meet minimum kart/driver weight requirements must be bolted securely to the kart using bolts of at least 5/16” in diameter. Weights in excess of 7lbs. must use two or more 5/16” bolts. All bolts must me cotter-keyed or double nutted. NOTE: All bolt-on weights must be white in color for visibility and have kart number clearly marked. Mounting of weights to nerf bars and rear bumper is prohibited. No added weight allowed on driver. Failure to comply, will get you DQ’d.
  27. Whatever kart caused the caution, goes to the rear, regardless of the situation. The drivers have one lap under caution to tap out, if no one taps out the track officials will determine who caused the caution.
  28. NO ONE is allowed on the track except track officials.
  29. Top 5 karts to finish the feature MUST immediately proceed to tech with the kart as raced after leaving the scales even if you are running another class. You MUST check in with the Tech Officials as soon as your race is finished. Anyone refusing to be teched will automatically be disqualified. This applies to ALL CLASSES!!!
  31. If the white flag waves and a caution comes out, the race will be restarted single file with a GREEN, WHITE, CHECKER FINISH.
  32. All races will include 8 lap heats and 15 lap feature unless otherwise indicated.
  33. If you leave the track for any reason during the race (this means once the green flag falls), you CANNOT return to the track.
  34. If any driver stops on the track for any problems, and removes his/her racing gear, he/she will be considered finished for that race.
  35. When flagged with the move over flag for one lap and it is ignored, you will be BLACK FLAGGED for that race. When BLACK FLAGGED for any reason, YOU MUST leave the track immediately.
  36. Re-cranks – You will be allowed 5 pulls if your kart stalls (just one time) and needs to be re-cranked. After 5 pulls and no crank, you MUST remove your kart from the race track.
  37. Must have 4 legible number panels on kart, one on each side, one on front, and one on the rear.
  38. Slicks only tire rule (any brand).
  39. Chassis tech is per WKA Tech Manual.
  40. All rules will apply to each competitor equally. Track Officials will adhere to these rules. If a problem occurs during a race and the race has already been completed, it’s impossible to rerun a race. Every effort will be made to insure the problem does not happen again. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as long as they are made in a calm and rational manner.
  41. No driver switching allowed. (use a drop) NO SUBSTITUTE DRIVERS FOR POINTS.
  42. All karts must be inspected for safety before entering the track by Track Tech Official.
  43. Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd unless it is a money race.
  44. All oils and fuels are to be disposed of in a proper container that will be onsite. In the event you’re caught not disposing in proper container there will be a fine of $200.00.
  45. Please use trash barrels for your trash. Let’s work together to keep SBR clean.
  46. After registration is closed anyone registering late will be placed at the back of the line in the heats. If you are going to be late you can have somebody register and pull the pill for you and not be penalized
  47. In the case of a tie after the two heat races for a class, the feature line-up will be determined by registration pill draw (lowest pill breaks the tie).
  48. The track officials to reserve the right to decrease the total number of laps in any given race due to time constraints or safety on the track. If a race is called prior to final lap for some unsolvable reason the final result will be determined by the last completed lap under a green flag.
  49. During driver egress and scaling of karts any actions witnessed by track officials to be determined unsportsmanlike will be addressed with appropriate penalties. The exit road is a place of high emotions but SBR Kart Club insists on a nonaggressive behavior, this area will be monitored at all times.
  50. No driving of karts in pits, once off track they must be pushed.
  51. Grid: only one crew member per kart is allowed on the final grid area to avoid congestion.
  52. Fuel: Random inspections of fuel may occur at each race. It is the final determination of tech officials as how the fuel will be monitored.
  53. It is a requirement of each pit crew to have in possession, a fully operational fire extinguisher. It may be inspected at any time by SBR Kart Club.
  54. No radios allowed for communication with a driver.
  55. Scale readings at track are final.


2017 SB Kart Point Structure

SBR Kart Point Structure 2017


Feature                                   Heats                      Showup

75                                            10                            20

70                                            9                              B-Mains

65                                            8                              15

60                                            7

55                                            6

50                                            5

48                                            4

46                                            3

44                                            2

42                                            1


39 down by one